What is the rEVOLVE campaign

White Rhino was built on the values of creativity, community, and personal expression. While these translated individually with each custom build, White Rhino is now putting its core values into action on a larger scale.

The rEVOLVE campaign currently features bikes designed by local artists, each capturing their unique aesthetic on this unconventional canvas.

White Rhino’s commitment to supporting the Denver community expanded the rEVOLVE campaign from promoting local artists to supporting local non-profit organizations. Each artist and their bike are paired with an organization that epitomizes an aspect of White Rhino mission to revolutionize the cycling industry through expanding artistic avenues and cultivating a stronger, more connected city.


It is imperative to cultivate collaboration in the Denver community in order to impact genuine progress. The rEVOLVE campaign brought seemingly separate sectors together for a common goal.

On a fundamental level, The Art of Cycling aims to raise significant funds to support the vital programming of our non-profit partners while raising awareness of the importance of art education, bicycle accessibility and personal wellness.

In addition, the Art Bike Series was founded on expanding the conception of artistic capabilities for Denver artists. Thus, the event seeks to accentuate the impeccable custom bike designs, participating artists’ work, and highlight the unique talent within our city.

White Rhino believes that art should never be limited by four walls, and The Art of Cycling will launch the company’s new product line, allowing consumers an opportunity to purchase Art Bike Series products. Through showcasing rEVOLVE artists and establishing a personal connection to the project, White Rhino hopes to stimulate consumer interest in both the bikes and the artists work.

Kirileigh Jone’s Meraki will benefit Im’Unique, an organization dedicated to fostering social change and connection through yoga and community discussion around contemporary issues.
Meraki Header

Jason Theilke’s Tess will benefit Arts Street @YEA, a job training program helping under-served youth expand their artistic skill set to become the creative leaders within their community.
Tess Header

Triston Minton’s Pager.One. will benefit Bikes Together which expands accessibility to bicycling in Denver and empower individuals to take control of their transportation, health, and sense of community.
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