Elevated White Rhino

ELEVATED  The art of Cycling

Founder of White Rhino Customs, Ian Houghton designed Elevated, a 20 ft tall steel sculpture with a commitment to maintain the integrity of each component. As an avid cyclist, Houghton sought to accurately depict the mechanics of this unassuming object that became central to his career and world-view. The bicycle epitomizes the symbiotic relationship between man and machine. Even the most technologically innovative bicycle requires raw physical effort from the rider.  

The bike appears to be transcending from shrouds of aluminum which Houghton indicated was a symbol of the merging of two seemingly separate verticals, cycling and art. Resting upon precariously skewed pedestals and still partially concealed, Elevated speaks to the formidable nature of genuine progress and reminds us that true propulsion can only be achieved when impeccable form meets authentic human power.