ARTIST: Tristan MintonTristan Minton

Pager.One was the first bike in this series which was built in 2015 and laid the groundwork for what this series has become.  Tristan Minton’s iconic graffiti style is seen on murals across Denver and this bike captured his aesthetic perfectly.


Starting his career in graphic design in 2008, through his passion for art, grew a successful career. This Denver native graduated from The Art Institute of Colorado in 2007 and in the same year was hired by Never Summer Industries. Since then he has taken on freelance clients ranging in works from commissioned art, logo design, fashion design, cinematography, mural art, and more. This inspired him to start his own company, Royal Stain Design, specializing in illustration, branding, and artistic directing.

Graffiti gives you a sense of confidence. Tristan was drawn to it because of how hard it is and how you can develop it into whatever you want. From tagging trains to making money doing huge murals on the sides of buildings, the options are limitless.

Goal 1- Figure out what area you want to be in- So he asked what do I want to do? Early years all he wanted to do was skate so how can be a part of the scene while making money and stay in the culture. As a student or person seeking their path, figure out what your interests are and what you want to be involved in on the daily that will make your quality of life better. He knew he wanted to stay in the arts and knew Graphic Design was a broad enough field of study he could do what he wanted to with it. From there, got in with a few great companies (Never Summer) and has been designing boards and products since. His background with graffiti has taught him how to approach projects in a unique way that isn’t taught in school. Its following your passion and learning the in’s- and out’s of EVERYTHING there is to know about it so you can separate yourself from everyone else out there.

Starting in 2012, Pager.One and White Rhino Customs has worked together on projects ranging from stickers and Tee’s to what is now a one of a kind production made art bike that is revolutionizing the cycling industry.

The original Pager. One bike