MerakiKiriLeigh Jones Meraki

ARTIST: KiriLeigh Jones

To say Kiri put herself into this piece would be an understatement—spending over 180 hours meticulously covering every inch of surface with her signature Mandala style art, this bike has evolved into an intricate universe one can easily loose themselves in.


I’m a self-taught visual artist. Art began as my meditation – getting lost in drawing small, detailed patterns. When people ask me what inspires me, I keep it simple; if I’m drawing a bear, bears inspired me. Everything beyond that is merely my soul getting carried away. Meraki is what the Greeks refer to as the action of leaving a piece of your soul and your love in something you create. My art is tangible pieces of my intangible self, my love and my soul, left on paper (or bicycles) for others to see and feel.




I was introduced to Im’Unique through their ambassadorship with Lululemon Athletica in Denver. Tyrone (founder of Im’Unique) is unifying communities through movement – educating people on mental and physical wellness through the holistic practice of yoga. His company, Im’Unique, is the embodiment of health, individual growth and social change.

[founder of Im’Unique]