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Who we are

White Rhino launched to revolutionize cycling culture through blending cutting edge fabrication, customized creation and artistic sensibility. The essence of White Rhino is the art of creation and building custom bikes as unique as the person riding them. We support those that believe in pushing the limits of oneself and deviate from the beaten path. Now established as a key player in the cycling community, White Rhino is dedicated to fostering art and culture in Denver. The rEVOLVE campaign aligns with White Rhino’s value in building community through art and cycling. White Rhino is proud to collaborate with local non-profits and artists aligning with our value in creative cooperation, culture, and personal growth.

It is our belief that in order to impact genuine progress it is imperative to cultivate collaboration within our community.

Founder, Ian Houghton started White Rhino in 2012 with the idea of breaking rigid traditional cycling culture by incorporating artistic sensibility and self expression.  A successful artist for more than 10 years, Houghton merged his love for cycling and design in 2012 by creating the first Art Bike.  Since then, White Rhino has evolved into a lifestyle brand representing those that want to deviate from the beaten path and not prescribe to the bleak corporate and bland lifestyle that cycling is known as today.